Top five: Practices to enhance your street football skills

1) One vs One games The ultimate in street football and the best game to try new tricks, find our what works and what does not. One vs One is an excellent way of measuring what you are able to possibly achieve in a match, and all you require is a friend, a ball and a spot to play! The better you become at your One vs One battles, the better you will react in pressure situations, or the times in which you find yourself isolated in a match up and without passing options. Be creative!

Two) Ball juggling (keepy-uppys) There is simply no better way, in the opinion of mine, to improve the first touch of yours. First touch is everything in street football and futsal as you're playing in such small spaces. You have to have the ability to maximise the time spent with the ball and make choices as to what you are going to do next after you have received it. You will be in a position to give yourself this time with an effective first touch. It's surprising just how much you'll be able to do after you gain a mastery of the ball and are competent to will it in any direction with probably the deftest of touches.

3) Groundmoves Groundmoves as they are known in the street football world are a fantastic way to learn tricks subconsciously, under moderate pressure. Groundmoves are combinations of moves thrown together, that could often make the' trickster' appear as though they're dancing with the ball. In truth, you won't use a five or six trick combo in a match. Nonetheless, it is likely that you will use 2 or perhaps three tricks to throw the defender of yours and if you have been doing combinations of tricks then you will find it a lot easier to pull of these small spectacular combo's when faced with good defensive pressure. The moderate pressure when practicing by itself comes from thinking ahead and gaining the ability to continuously move the ball, whilst not focusing on the strategy that's currently being performed.

4) Football Tennis Just like' Keepy-Uppy's' and Juggling, Football Tennis is another excellent method to improve your first touch as well as the ability to play spectacular passes. Playing Football Tennis will give you the confidence to play small volleys, first time passes off of your chest, knee, shoulder and head. It allows you to get a touch for the ball that is unpredictable. Preferably, it is great to play with a group of friends or perhaps perhaps One vs One over a table, trampoline or bench. But, if you can't find anyone to learn with, a wall is the next best thing!

5) Matches Finally, you really want to put all of the above into practice and their is no better way to sharpen your skills, use the moves of yours as well as try the spectacular than in a competitive match. The more matches you play, the better understanding you are going to develop for the game. Decision making becomes easier so will the ability to use the skills of yours. A great street footballer plays a lot of matches, and can play on any surface whether it be the road, street, grass or court. Playing on various surfaces will further develop all of your technical attributes.

Practice your groundmoves and get a keepy uppy record, when you are feeling confident challenge a mate! Challenge them in website One v One games and football tennis. Once you feel you've got a couple of tricks up the sleeve of yours and the football tennis matches of yours are going into long rallies, get a couple more friends together and play some matches. With all of this, you are well onto your way to becoming an excellent street footballer. Just about all that's left is to open up a youtube channel and possibly an instagram feed, and start sharing your abilities with the earth!

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